What is POP?

POP (Personal Orientation Project) class is like a guide to your future. You will learn different skills like communicating with people, organizing information, learning how to use new technology, planning and organizing information etc. that with help you for not only your job but in every day life. It is a class which prepares you for life by teaching you how to apply for jobs, set goals and help you choose the right job for you. You will learn more about yourself and if you pass, you will obtain extra credits. Most of all, you will learn how to improve yourself through hard work and effort. The tasks that are asked to be done to pass this class are:


·Personal Profile is about your values and who you are.
· Journal or Blog is your own personal diary on your opinion of tasks given.
· Finding Jobs cover letters and job application letters.
· Job Application is a document that you write in order to apply fo a job
· Education Links where you choose the job of your choice
· Discussion Page is where you talk and ask questions with other students on wiki page

The Digital Student


A digital student is a student that instead of having a classroom to learn about their chosen subject, they have a computer or laptop. It basically means you use technology more than you will use a paper and pen. Their course is online and the teacher will send e-mails of their assignments instead of hand outs.

An example of a digital student is, in college many teachers video tape their lessons and then upload them on the school website. Any student can stay home and still be apart of the class.

When in P.O.P class, you are somewhat of a digital student because you use the Portal . It is a program that runs by the English Montreal School Board. You will use it too save work, hand in and receive assignments and also, you can communicate with your peers. EPEARL is another program that you could use to hand in your assignments and also receive your grades. P.O.P class ru ns smoother when you’re on the computer


What is [1] copyright? It is usually linked to copyrighting where people take credit for other peoples work. Copyright is basically the paragraph that explains what will happen if this information is taken credit for. It is represented by [©]. Since many people have the habit to plagiarize, a copyright paragraph is made to warn and advise you to note the source of the information. Without the source, you are not entitled to use the information. Many authors, artists and scientists are in the habit of using [2] Creative Commons. Creative Commons is an organization providing free tools for the user to easily mark their work and provide it with any restrictions or freedoms they want it to have.

Learn Quebec: Explains and shows you what POP is through different steps and sites.
Creative Commons: A site where you can mark your work as your own.
EPearl: Organize and safe your work into different folders